Pajamas Project Meninos de Luz

We are passionate about Rio de Janeiro and have created a Project where we can contribute socially to the City. This way, we have thought of measures that bring culture and good conditions to society.

Emiliano Pajamas “Meninos de Luz” – We have developed pajamas made from 400 thread count sheets that are no longer in use.

The Project is based on pillars:


Reusing hotel material to produce pajamas – Upciclyng. Reuse of 90% of hotel sheets in one year.


A set of actions that benefits Society, generating employment for shantytown seamstresses and with its income reverted to donations to the Cantagalo, Pavão & Pavãozinho’s education system.
• Generating employment
• Donating 100% of the income to Solar Meninos de Luz organisation (a civil, philanthropic organisation that promotes comprehensive education).


Emiliano Rio’s beach tote, developed in partnership with Saissu Design, is an upcycled product. Inspired by the tones and lightness of nature found in Burle Marx’s painting exposed at hotel’s reception, it is handmade with the usage of the hotel’s bath towels no longer in use. Dyed, cut and stiched by artesans from Tabuão da Serra, São Paulo.

100% TOWEL – 100% RECYCLED


The Emiliano Sustainable Table Mat

The table mat is another sustainable project of the Emiliano hotel. In partnership with the NGO - Casa Santa Maria, which creates jobs and supports activities in the area of female employment.

By transforming the old restaurant towels into placemats for dining table, handmade by women and giving a new trend for the old towels, reusing old material and respecting our environment.

The Emiliano hotel believes that luxury can be sustainable and more socially responsible.